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Fast Facts: Integrated LED, Retrofitted LED and Halogen

  • Integrated LED fixtures last 50,000 hours (15 years or more) and therefore eliminate the labor and material costs of annual halogen bulb failures ($10-$35 each) or retrofit LED bulb failures ($50-$75 each).*
  • A retrofit LED is defined as a halogen fixture that uses an LED bulb. While far more reliable than a halogen bulb, the long term reliability and illumination of an LED lamp is compromised because of poor heat dissipation in the sealed halogen fixture enclosure. Integrated fixtures have no lamps to fail and generate less heat and therefore are the “gold standard” in outdoor illumination.
  • Integrated LED fixtures use 75% less energy.
  • The lumen output of Integrated LED fixtures is consistent for years — retrofit LED and halogen lamps fade after only 6-12 months—referred to as halogen “lumen depreciation.”
  • Integrated fixtures generate 90% less heat and are therefore not a fire hazard.
  • Integrated LED fixtures are effective at lower voltage levels and therefore achieve a far better and more consistent illumination than halogen. An integrated LED fixture installed 300 feet away and another located right next the power source will both have the same warm look and brightness.
  • Imagine Integrated LED fixtures are made of solid brass and have a lifetime warranty. Painted fixtures quickly deteriorate in harsh outdoor environments.
  • Integrated LED fixtures are compatible with most transformers.**

*The Energy Independence Act (2007) eliminates the production of halogen lamps.