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Cheryl-Anne Jones, Owner & CEO

Leaving the veterinary industry behind, Cheryl-Anne’s heart is still very entrepreneurial. Coming to North Carolina from Nova Scotia, Canada, fourteen years ago and finding ‘home’ in Charlotte, Cheryl-Anne knew this was where she was meant to be.

Once upon a time, Cheryl-Anne was part of building one of Charlotte’s most notable veterinary hospitals. She loved working with clients and their pets and also enjoyed the day-to-day management side of the practice while working in the corporate sector. “I learned a LOT in ten years… but seasons change even in sunny South Charlotte, right?”

Fast forward to Imagine Outdoor Lighting! After three years of leading the growth of Imagine Outdoor Lighting, Cheryl-Anne finally ‘took the helm’ formally in January of 2018 from Tom Fenig (The ‘Godfather’ of outdoor lighting in Charlotte since 1995).

Imagine Outdoor Lighting represents what was proudly Charlotte’s first and most successful outdoor lighting 79 location franchise system.

“It’s hard not to miss the puppies and kitties and all that went with that industry, but at the end of the day, as long as there are opportunities to meet new faces and become part of something so design focused, it’s a girly girl’s win-win! There are usually puppies and kitties in the homes we visit!”

Creating valuable connections while networking and building relationships with both professional peers and casual clients are still Cheryl-Anne’s passion.
Developing unique marketing and outreach ideas are still the glue of what keeps ‘business’ interesting.

Tom continues to design & install some of the most amazing projects while training and mentoring new staff. Cheryl-Anne stays focused on client outreach and all things branding and marketing. Both of their skill sets and drive to enjoy their work makes them a pretty great team.

At the end of the day… it’s still all about working with people.
And that is what Cheryl-Anne loves most.
(Well… and the puppy breath will never get old!)

Tom Fenig, Founder

In 1995, I started what quickly became Charlotte’s leading and most respected outdoor lighting company. As outdoor lighting experts, we did not try to be good at a lot of things but great at one thing: professional outdoor lighting.

By 2008, I added 80 successful franchise locations and decided to sell the company. My business philosophy is the same today as it was at the beginning:

  1. Deliver what you promise, on time with no surprises.
  2. Carefully listen to client expectations.
  3. Provide unmatched expertise with a focus on quality and value, not lowest price.

Because of our prominence in the Charlotte area market, there is a very good chance I either installed or serviced your lighting system. If you are a new client, allow me to help you achieve a functional, elegant and cost effective outdoor lighting solution.