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LED Lighting Packages

Don’t replace your entire outdoor lighting system. Consider an LED fixture upgrade instead, all while saving money using your existing transformers. Schedule a complimentary appointment so we can determine if an LED Fixture Upgrade is your most practical and cost effective solution.

  • 75% less energy consumption than halogen to achieve the same light output

  • Produce the same warm look of halogen

  • Last for 10 years or more. Imagine not replacing a “bulb” until the year 2026

  • Operate flawlessly with our smart timer that is never affected by power loss and will also automatically adjusts for seasonal changes

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Sound Familiar?

Sound familiar?

I am tired of paying to replace burned out halogen bulbs that fail every year--often even more frequently.

Some fixtures are bright while others--especially those installed farther from my house--are dim and ineffective.

My fixtures generate a lot of heat and collect flammable debris such as leaves, mulch and pine needles.

My fixtures looks awful; the lenses are foggy and the finish is faded, chipped and rusty.

My timer is driving me nuts! It never seems to work consistently. My lights come on in the daytime or not at all.